Friday, June 17, 2011

Fear is the mind-killer...

Writing is something that has always caused me distress, at certain times even terrified me.  I failed a class in college once because that was easier to me than the pressure of the writing that was required.  Because it required the use of my own original thoughts, my own voice.  I never felt I had an adequate enough vocabulary to express my thoughts on any subject when everyone around me seemed to have easy access to grace and eloquence.  I never felt what I had to say was important enough to be heard.

We are in the process of shifting into a new age and I have been observing and tracking this shifts for some time now.  I feel it is one of my roles in this process to do so.  I share these thoughts and observations with my friends and community, but more and more I am feeling called by spirit to make my voice bigger, louder, more accessible.  To allow for a bigger conversation to begin.  We are not meant to navigate these changing times alone, so I choose to move past my fear to the best of my ability and make myself transparent.  To share my own process. To trust my voice, my wisdom, and my guides.
I have no idea what will come of these ramblings, it is an exercise in finding my voice, moving through fear, and sorting through all this information running around my brain. Perhaps by beginning to put it down i'll be able to exact some sort of clarity..perhaps not, perhaps it will make sense to no one. Either we go!

"Close the door.  Write with no one looking over your shoulder.  Don't try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say.  It's the one an only thing you have to offer"
~ Barbara Kingsolver

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